Twilight Talons is a Pathfinder RPG campaign just begun in July 2017.  It is set in the country of Andoran in the world on Golarion.  The gist of the campaign is that the PCs have been recruited and trained as adjunct Twilight Talons, the secretive intelligence arm of the renowned Eagle Knights.  They are essentially an experiment by TT leadership, an adventuring party that can take on missions for the government that require an additional level of deniability.  As such, they are directed which missions to take, but otherwise operate with considerable independence as to how to accomplish their missions, with the caveat that if they screw up, they will be cut off.  They do the dark and dangerous things to confront and neutralize the many threats the fledgling democracy faces, allowing the good people of Golarion to sleep well at night and enjoy their freedoms by day, blissfully unaware of the dangers that have been averted.  It is a thankless job, but somebody has to do it, and the PCs are those somebodies.   

Twilight Talons

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